The World’s Easiest Dental Injection


The problem with the standard dental injection is that it is dreaded by both the dentist and patient alike. The proper administration of the standard injection is dependent upon aiming the needle at precise anatomical landmarks, and there is the ever present danger of hitting and damaging a blood vessel or a nerve. The standard injection results in the classical “fat lip” and “fat tongue” sensation for the patient, in addition to the “cringe- provoking” sense of facial paralysis. The patient drools uncontrollably, and can’t speak well. Particularly in children, it often leads to the “bitten lip” syndrome, which is frequently more terrifying than the original dental problem. The standard injection does not work instantly, but requires a waiting period for it to work. The uncomfortable facial effects of the injection last for several hours after the administration of the standard injection. After all is said and done, what is perhaps most frustrating to dentists and patients, is the fact that the standard injection doesn’t always work. At the Adler Dental office, we thought that “there must be a better way.”

So I developed a new patented intraosseous technique. The Adler intraosseous technique is effective 99% of the time for filling procedures; 95% of the time for root canal procedures, and 90% of the time for extractions. It works immediately and lasts for about one hour. There is no pain associated with its administration, and the patient experiences almost no numbness of the tongue or lip. There is no ballooning of soft tissue in this procedure, and post-operative pain is unusual. It is effective in both the upper and lower jaw, and full mouth dentistry can comfortably be performed at one sitting with no discomfort to the patient. My patients are all amazed and exclaim: “Hold on doc, I don’t feel numb yet,” but are astonished at how comfortable they are, during and after treatment. Leaders in the industry have indicated to me that this procedure will change the entire landscape of dental anesthesia. It is a safe, easy, pleasant way to undergo dental treatment.

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