Flossing is an essential part of the effort to keep your gums and teeth healthy. Brushing can only reach the cheek side and the tongue side of the teeth. Just brushing alone, will not clean in between the teeth. For in between the teeth clean, it is vitally important to floss.

A plaque forms on the surfaces of uncleaned teeth. Plaque is formed by sugars present in your food, which will ultimately form a residue on the tooth surface. The residue traps bacteria in it. The plaque residue will release an acid which will eat away at the surface of the tooth, and will also travel down into the gum line, and cause periodontal problems.

The most effective method of removing this plaque from between the teeth, is to use dental floss. When you come to Adler Dental office, we will demonstrate to you how to properly floss your teeth, until you become very efficient at it.

In addition to flossing, we will teach you how to properly use dental picks, tiny interproximal brushes, and the water-pik.

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