Dr. Robert Adler is at the pinnacle of a very distinguished career which, so far, has spanned over thirty years. He is constantly being consulted by other dentists for advice on on managing, diagnosing, and treating complicated cases. His expert opinion is regularly sought by law firms and insurance companies. Dr. Adler authored two books and numerous articles.
He holds a patent on a new injection technique which will revolutionize the way dental anesthetics are administered. This new technique is much safer and less painful for the patient and avoids making the lower lip and tongue feel puffy.
Dr. Adler has a degree in psychology which aids him in understanding the patient. He creates an atmosphere in which his patients feel like family.

            We at the Adler Dental Group have been providing our patients with compassionate care at the same location since 1974. We have developed a reputation for honesty. Trust is our hallmark.
We treat patients from six months old and up, and we practice all phases of dentistry. We exceed all government regulations for cleanliness and sterilization standards.
We invite you to send in your questions or e-mail x-rays to us if you would like a second opinion at no cost. We must make this disclaimer that without seeing the patient, we cannot make a diagnosis, we can only offer an opinion. You should see a dentist for any questions you have or for a diagnosis to be made.
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